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July 31st, 2007

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08:31 pm - tofu time!
As part of my plan to help heal myself (I've developed a rather bad case of allergies as well as something akin to ADD, OCD and depression), I'm going to slowly make my way onto a macrobiotic diet. My plan for now, until I get used to it, is to make one of my daily meals sort of macro. Generally what this means is that rather than going to Jack in the Box for a burger, fries and soda (and I was vegan!), I'll be eating a meal of miso soup, grain (generally brown rice since one of the allergies that popped up recently was gluten), a mix of raw and cooked veggies, tofu or beans and seaweed (if not in miso soup). A great idea I had was the idea of bringing all the items and rolling up some temaki (hand roll sushi) with the seaweed, some or all the grain, protein and cooked veggies and eat the raw veggies and miso on the side. One of the clearest thoughts I've had in months!

However, in an effort to make this an easier transition, I'd like to add a touch of flavor to the tofu and/or grains. So, long story short, does anyone have any great recipes or ideas for either a marinade/flavor for tofu or perhaps a fried rice/grain?


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Date:August 1st, 2007 06:18 am (UTC)
Most definitely. I'm very concerned for my health between my stress and my mother's medical history, so the less junk, the better, right? :)

I'm very much a soup girl. I'm always happy with a soup. I should probably start cooking up crazy amounts of vegan soups and freezing them for lunches. I could probably live off of soup, pasta and stewed vegetables for the rest of my days and be a happy little clam!

I think the most important step for me will be planning my time in advance, making food in large enough quantities, packing it up and remembering to take it with me! I'm naturally spacey and forgetful so this can be toughest part for me. I have no problems eating vegan. It's just that I'll get into pinches where I forgot food and my blood sugar's hit rock bottom, so I'll grab anything!

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